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About Pukhraj Herbal

Garlico Herbal Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of plant extracts, essential oils and ayurvedic herbal formulations. With more than several decades of experience in manufacturing extracts and natural oil’s, Garlico Herbal Pvt.Limited has substantial market knowledge and access to the most rare and powerful herbs in the world.

Garlico Herbal Pvt.Limited Founded in 2005 by Shri Milind Jhilewar, the Garlico Herbal Pvt.Limited has emerged today as makers of the best internationally known products of the Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of natural medicines. Having production units at Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh in India. Under the able guidance of Shri Milind Jhilewar, the company has established strong foothold in almost every developed country in Asia, Africa, Europe and Gulf countries.

Garlico Herbal Pvt.Limited and associated group of companies have modern manufacturing plants that produce a novel range of products to the specifications and satisfaction of its customers. All products are manufactured and analyzed by a highly qualified and experienced team of chemists ensuring quality products to its valued clients all over the world. The dedication of the people and new innovations in manufacturing technologies, have enabled the company to supply the highest quality products to its customers cost-effectively. Company’s experienced team of R&D constantly provides Garlico herbal”s with innovative solutions and support for today’s health and nutrition related markets. Garlico herbal”s research, production methods and products go hand in hand with current trends.

Over the years, Garlico Herbal Pvt.Limited has established itself as the foremost international herbal healthcare company, recognized as the bastion of customer well-being with top-quality products and services.

Garlico Herbal Pvt.Limited has:

  • State-of-art manufacturing GMP facilities
  • Diverse product range
  • Global business focus
  • Business presence in advanced economy
  • Technical capabilities to meet customer product needs
  • Emphasis on advances in Quality and Product Development
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Shri Milind Jhilewar


+91 942-510-5058

Our company established its position in the field of manufacture and supply of herbal extracts, oils and herbal formulations. Besides manufacturing herbal extracts, we give top priority towards safety, traceability, efficacy and innovation.
By continuously working towards satisfaction of our customers in terms of quality of our products, our ultimate goal is to bring smile and happiness of the people, who use our products by improving their quality of life naturally. This endeavor of ours is successfully reflected in efficacy and quality of all our products.
We take full responsibility and commitment to take positive and concrete steps to enhance our efficiency and capacity from our customer feedbacks and every time actively participating to work with the customers. We are very grateful to our customers all the time.


Manufacturing Facilities

It has been approved as per WHO- GMP and is a high-tech, state-of-the-art facility as per GMP standards. Further to the plant’s accreditations and merits we have ISO 9001: 2008.

Our Manufacturing Policy

  • Raw materials used in the manufacturing of products are authentic, of prescribed quality and are free from contamination.
  • Adequate quality control measures are adopted. Quality control measures including IPQC are stringent.
  • The manufacturing process complies with Standard Operating Procedures as prescribed to maintain the standards.
  • The manufactured products released for sale are of highest international quality.

Our Vision & Core Values

Garlico Herbal Pvt.Limited identifies itself as an organization that consistently delivers research based natural products to improve the quality of life and standards of living in respect to health. Because we constantly supply the healthcare and cosmoceuticals industries, our mission is to provide premium quality ingredients and maintain high levels of commitment and service to our customers.

We take pride in our products. We believe nature presented us with a multitude of phenomenal ingredients that are essential to health and well being. Here at Garlico herbal”s , we are providing nature’s best to benefit healthy living to its fullest potential and continue to create exciting new products to enhance our customers’ product lines with innovative ingredient solutions. Also to take Ayurveda to a global level and establish ourselves as the best in the field.


In the world where adulteration is a common word, acquiring natural products is no more a task now as best herbal products are right here. Being a leading manufacturer and supplier in promoting company for nutrition, Nutraceuticals, herbal, Ayurveda, herbal cosmetics and other home and personal care products, we believe in giving best health solution. And this we have achieved through years of research, practice and experience in creating best herbal products only for our consumers.

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